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We maintain over 65% of the Stadia market

Tate Security have been responsible for designing, supplying, installing and maintaining various stadium safety systems and commercial security systems in over 65% of the Stadia market including Rugby, Athletics & prestigious Football Clubs such as Liverpool, Chelsea, Everton, Manchester City & Manchester United.

Commercial Security Systems in Sports Stadiums
The Initial Planning

All systems are designed using expert knowledge accumulated over more than 20 years with many commercial security systems designed specifically to meet Public Enquiry recommendations.

The Emergency Gate Release System was developed in 1985 at the request of Everton Football Club following the tragic fire at Bradford City FC. The system was then enhanced in conjunction with the Merseyside Police, Fire and local Licensing Authorities.

Our computerised Turnstile Monitoring System was designed to meet recommendations made by Lord Justice Taylor in his report, following the enquiry into the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

Our commercial security systems have been installed in more than 50 Premier and Football League Clubs throughout the UK as well as in Rugby, Cricket and Athletics Stadia.

Access Control in Sports Stadiums
Tate Offer
  • Magnetic Emergency Gate Release Systems
  • Computerised Turnstile Monitoring Systems
  • Public Address & Voice Alarm Systems
  • Fire Detection & Alarm Systems
  • Steward Logging & Monitoring Systems
  • Emergency Telephones
  • CCTV Systems
  • SMART Ticketing Solutions
  • Incident Management Solutions (lMS)
  • Disabled Refuge, WC Alarm & lnduction Loop
  • Systems for the disabled
  • Access Control Solutions
  • Security Management Systems (SMS)
  • Asset Management & Systems Support (Service & Maintenance)

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